Heritage Christian (University) College is in process of accreditation by the Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB) and until such time as provisional accreditation is awarded, this website should be considered “DRAFT ONLY” and subject to revision once operations are permitted to begin by the NAB.

The vision of HCUC is to be the flagship Christian University in Africa where the young and the mature student are trained holistically to become transformational Christian leaders who serve humanity with sterling competence and character.
HCUC is a Christian institution built on the foundations of biblical principles and moral discipline. The University College shall therefore provide teaching and training in the light of Christian faith and true to the Scripture.

The objects for which HCUC is established are, to:
  • Set up schools, institutes, faculties, training and research centers and other educational facilities or programs as the Council of Trustees may decide.
  • Train professionals and offer professional enhancement courses, seminars, conferences, summits, etc.
  • Undertake research, writing and publication in all relevant disciplines.
  • Award certificates, diplomas, degrees and other academic qualifications as the Council of Trustees may decide.

HCUC exists to provide a world class all-round education and services within a Christ-centered environment that equips students in mind and in character to transform the world.
The heart of the HCUC mission is love and respect for all persons, integrity and diligence in words and deeds, and reverence for God's word. To this end HCUC shall seek God inspiration for creativity, excellence in the fulfillment of its mission and also, pursue educational philosophy and values that seek to:

  • Teach students to be Christ-like in character, intellectual, technical and acquire relational skills necessary to serve as servant leaders, role models and competent professionals.
  • Inspire students' learning in a manner that will empower them to think and practicefrom a Christian worldview in their fields of service.
  • Inspire faculty, students and graduates to grapple with the intellectual, ethical and cultural issues of the time by partnering in discerning Christ-centered scholarship through learning, rigorous research, publications and performance.

Pursuant to HCUC Vision and accomplishment of its mission, the University College is set to contribute to national development by preparing highly qualified graduates who will be armed with the tools required to make a significant difference. HCUC, therefore, has a single minded focus on providing world class higher education opportunities at aaffordable price in line with the economic realities in Ghana.


In the interest of the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ and development of civil society many humanitarian institutionswere set up by the Churches of Christ in Ghana. In recognition of and in response to the national educational needs, especially at the tertiary level the Bishops of the church inaugurated an Executive Council and mandated it as an autonomous body to take all steps to established and develop an accredited world classChristian higher education institutionto serve the people of Ghana, West Africa and in general the continent of Africa.

The Council in accordance with its mandate and in collaboration with partner organizations including the Heritage Christian College Foundation (HCCF), Dallas Texas, USA and Abilene Christian University (ACU) also in Texas, USA has set up a University College named as Heritage Christian (University) College (‘HCUC’, the ‘College’ or ‘Heritage’) to offer degree programs that provide maximum benefits to people of all walks of life and with emphasis on Christian values as the foundation of life, national building and development.

Heritage Christian (University) College is committed to providing a 21st century all-round education and services within a Christian environment that equips men and women holistically to impact the world from within their chosen field of expertise but with a disciplined Christian ethic.

Heritage aims at supporting and complementing the government of Ghana’s effort in providingtop-qualityeducation that is affordable to most people in the entire African
continent. The College seeks to:

  • Build an institution base on the foundations of biblical principles, ethics and discipline which are the elements of a coherent life of service; coherent in the sense that values are consistent in secular and spiritual activities.
  • Participate in the discovery, transmission and preservation of all aspects of the Christian faith and to stimulate intellectual learning.
  • Promote understanding, respect, dialogue and the development of harmonious and fruitful relationships with members of all faiths for the building up of society.
  • Finding suitable ways of communicating to the contemporary world, so that problems posed by the progress of science, technology, industrialization, urbanization and the meeting between traditional and modern cultures may be adequately explored and answered, and people led to a more mature and fulfilling life of faith in the conditions of modern society.


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